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Why Living Skincare Works

The reason we developed the Living Skincare range was to offer you real and authentic skincare products that support your skin back to optimal health and in doing so, eliminate your skin symptoms.

So, why do we use skincare? Well, our clients tell us they want healthy and beautiful skin.

At Living Skincare positive and effective change to your skin is our focus.

Without the basic understanding of what your skin needs to be beautiful, clear, alive and healthy, you are unfortunately at the mercy of marketing and advertising campaigns which leave you never really satisfied with your skin. If you were satisfied, your search would be truly over.

Searching for the right answer means your skin is never quite right.

There are two different ways we can look at creating healthy skin. One works and the other doesn’t.

The first is to use force in the hope that that will change your skin; it’s a little like pushing and shoving. The second is to provide the skin with all it needs to begin working it’s way back to optimal health, eradicating the symptoms one at a time.

Herein lays a key difference in how skincare products are made...

Broadly, there are three categories of skincare.

Category 1 – Change by Force

The first category is skincare that forces change. Its key philosophy is one of control, it has a medical slant.

It sounds a little like, “The skin is in error, its own intelligence has gone astray, we know best." This type of skin care believes advancements in chemistry and science hold the answer to skin problems.

Examples of products included in this category might be chemically potent miracle wrinkle creams that force change for a few hours of an evening, botox, other injectables, chemical peels, AHA and BHA peels etc. All short term fixes that have short term and long term consequences for your skin. 

Category 2 – No Change at All

The second category is one that does not force change nor host change, it does not bring about any real change at all. The key philosophy here is nice smells, soft feel and impressive packaging, bringing about the illusion of beautiful skincare.

This type of skincare may either contain many toxic ingredients or just a few. Either way makes little difference. More often than not the marketing is painted with a “natural” brush, encouraging you to believe that because something is labelled “natural” it must be good for your skin. This skincare often has herbal extracts or essential oils as active ingredients, encouraging us to believe, it must be good.”

However, what sounds natural, looks and smells beautiful can be laced with toxic chemicals and have no real effect and create no real beneficial change to your skin, at all. Examples of products included in this category are fancy brands sold in chemists, most big brands in retail department stores, several “organic” lines sold either through retail or even homemade lines at local markets.

Beware of the word ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ being used to influence your buying decisions.

Click here to read article on What is Natural and What is organic.

Category 3 – Real, Effective Change

The third category is one that hosts real and significant change in the skin, by shifting the underlying environment to support immediate and long term ecological benefit, allowing the skin to change through empowering its own intelligence to heal and repair.

The key philosophy here is to place the health of your skin as a higher priority to the profit of the company. It’s concern is with what’s actually going on in the skin, considering what the skin needs to restore itself naturally, both from an ecological perspective as well as a nutritional perspective and then providing that and only that.

The intelligence and science behind the development of Living Skincare is completely aligned with this philosophy.

How do we know this works? Because the skin absolutely loves it and the results are both immediate and long term. The skin actually changes, it becomes noticeable healthy, resilient, bright, clear and youthful.

Forcing change on your skin is not the way to achieve skin health or beautiful skin. The proof of this in how many people are still searching for a real solution to their skin problems and are dissatisfied with their skin and how it looks and feels. The search is on and 24 billion dollars is being spent annually on skincare alone.

Through aligning our goals with the intelligence of the skin and nature itself, we host change that is already universally willing to occur.

So, the first question is, what are the real needs of your the skin?

The skin’s first line of defence against the outside world is called the Acid Mantle. This is the first protective layer of your skin. It is an entire eco system. Inside this fine eco system there are many tiny little residents living there called “micro-flora” (good bacteria). These micro-flora are very beneficial and health giving to the skin’s internal environment and support the balance of your skin, in fact they are essential to beautiful skin.

The environment fostered by this micro-flora is specifically unpleasant to many other foreign bacteria and therefore plays a critical role in the protection of the body and the skin. Here is where the answer to skin breakouts, acne, congestion, inflammation lies.

Now, let’s look at skin hydration and how the integrity of this layer of the skin is critical to optimal skin hydration.

The long term breakdown of this protective layer leaves the skin vulnerable, overly sensitive and the skin is defenceless against the loss of moisture. This leads to many other skin issues such as flakiness, sensitivity, wrinkles, fine lines, premature ageing, oiliness and irritation.

Anytime we choose to use invasive and force oriented treatments or products to solve our skins needs, such as Microdermabrasion, Glycolic Peels, Chemical Peels, AHA or BHA Peels or even simply use soap consistently on our skin day after day, we are breaking down and wiping away the Acid Mantle; our skin’s first protective layer.

You can begin to see how disastrous this is to the very nature of our skin.

We begin to break down our skin's capacity to hydrate, sustain moisture and protect itself from foreign, unhealthy bacteria. Not only are we damaging our skins capacity to be healthy and beautiful, we are paying others to do so.

The integrity of this layer is what optimal skin hydration and resilience comes from; this is one of the Acid Mantle's biological purposes. The more we break it down through the use of “category one” beauty treatments (change by force) we are gaining a short term fix (skin appears smoother and clearer) for a deeper and more serious long term cost (deeper, more chronic dehydration and weakness against foreign bacteria). We are disempowering our skin, claiming our intelligence to be higher than that of the skins. Every time we do this, we are going against the will of nature which brings real negative consequences.

This is where Living Skincare is completely different to almost all other skincare ranges.

The Instant Skin Correction Serum is not manmade. It is not created by science. It is created by the exact same intelligence that lives in your skin. The healthy micro-flora (good bacteria) which have their homes in your Acid Mantle (the first protective layer of your skin) develop and manufacture the Instant Skin Correction Serum. They are the creators of it. It is a by-product of their existence.

Confusing? Let us explain.

Through a painstaking process of sterilized environments and tightly controlled temperatures, micro-flora are nourished by a nutrient rich diet consisting of many healthy organic herbs, nutrients and bio-energised water. They then work day and night to naturally produce an active ingredient that your skin loves and is the answer to skin health and skin correction.

The Instant Skin Correction Serum uses this active ingredient to begin rebuilding your skin’s innate health and beauty, eliminating your skin's symptoms one at a time and restoring yours skin's natural glow.

In using this product, you are empowering your skin with an environment that is ideal for it to thrive. It truly is in absolute alignment with the innate intelligence of your skin. It is in total alignment with your skin’s natural will, with its goals and natural protective and hydrating mechanisms. And you can clearly see this through the results it produces.

As you move onto the Nutrient Rich Recovery Exfoliant, you are providing the nutrients, not only to the micro-flora within in your skin, but also further into the skin cells beneath that layer, allowing them to thrive even further. All of the ingredients in the Nutrient Rich Recovery Exfoliant are “pre-digested.” This means they are in a form that is instantly absorbable into the skin. All of the hard work has already been done by the good bacteria, naturally preparing this instant skin food.

Once again, the focus here is on hosting change through supporting and empowering your skin in its own goals and outcomes, rather than forcing change, in opposition to the intelligence of thousands of years of biological evolution.

When it comes to skin dehydration, arguably the number one underlying cause of so many skin conditions existing today, both the problem and answer comes to bare in the skin’s ability to maintain its own hydration and fight off foreign, unhealthy bacteria.

Real skin hydration and health is not a function of simply adding “hydrating” substances onto the skin, for this does nothing to correct the underlying problem, which is the skin’s inability to foster, hold and maintain its own hydration and protect itself.

This is where the skin care industry is at today; a simplistic, non-scientific, marketing based view of hydration and health that proposes to offer you the world and delivers very little, if anything at all. The reason being, large commercial volume requires fast processing times and long shelf lives of products, all of which require ingredients not in any way conducive to the actual health of your skin.

It’s a bit like eating highly processed, preservative laden foods in order to achieve healthy organs. It’s not going to work. Well your skin is the largest living organ of your body, why would it be any different?

Such toxic ingredients and preservatives can be easily read on the ingredient listings of any jar or bottle you pick up. There’s nothing hidden here.

See The Bathroom Detox Challenge.

Or send us your a list of your skincare products and their ingredients and our team of experts will evaluate them for you and send you a detailed report, helping you make an informed decision, for the health and beauty of your skin. If you wish to do so, click here.

So then marketing in the skincare industry must fuel sales, rather than real results, because what produces real results is omitted due to the high economic costs and slower processing times it requires.

The only real answer to true skin hydration and skin health is the real rebuilding of the Acid Mantle, and the restoration of the entire skin eco system. They must all be brought back into alignment, working harmoniously as one.

It’s our goal here at to offer world leading solutions that enable this to effectively occur, empowering both you and your skin to be both healthy and look exquisitely beautiful at the same time.

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Sylvia T. VIC

Love the support, love the information on this site and truly believe the Living Skincare range is the end of the road. No more searching, my skin loves it!

Karen S. NSW

I have to say, that I am incredibly impressed with the skincare. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things, but there is a definite 'polish' to my skin already; dare I say 'glow'? My skin feels incredibly clean and without a hint of tightness.

Samantha W. VIC

When I was asked to write a testimonial, I didn’t know where to start. I love this range of skincare and the only way I can describe it is that it really is the end of searching for something that will finally work.

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